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Unlock Your Potential at Sedonya

Sedonya is a world-class event facility located on its own private 1.9 acre lot in the serene environment of West Sedona, AZ. With easy access and beautiful grounds, this venue has become one of Sedona's most sought after places to host and attend events - especially for those who want something refreshingly new and innovative. Our team continues to work with visionaries, speakers, teachers, authors, musicians, and artists to create unique programs  that push  boundaries, while making all guests feel safe & welcome.

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Sedonya's Spaces
Heart Center Sedona

Sedonya's  main building contains the living room area, dining hall, kitchen, and the Cathedral.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 3.37.26 PM.png

Located in the Heart Center, the Cathedral is Ideal for retreats,  workshops,  and larger gatherings.


Located in Sedonya's garden, the Temple is a serene, sacred & intimate space with powerful energy.  


Adjacent to the healing garden.  Quiet, pristine, and comfortable, it's an ideal space to hold a meditation, yoga class, lecture of other small event.


Studio located in a free standing building near the entrance to Sedonya, with its own parking entrance, beautiful wooden floors, &  great sound.

Healing Oasis

Multiple rooms, ideal for on-on-one sessions, body work, along with quiet rooms for intuitive readings and other private consultations.

Om Rooms

Ready to go AV rooms, for your streaming & recording needs.  Ideal for podcasts, online conferences, and high production filming.

IMG_2483 (1).jpg

Various rooms,  areas and layouts to host your next retreat,  meeting or other event in Sedona. Guide to hosting a retreat

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