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Metaphysician | Grief Specialist | End of Life Doula | Inspirational Guide

Dr. Linda Weaver is a deeply compassionate and dedicated professional, whose life's work is dedicated to exploring the intricacies of metaphysics, providing support in the realm of grief, and offering guidance as an End of Life Doula. Her journey has been marked by unwavering commitment to understanding, healing, and helping others navigate the profound complexities of conscious death and conscious grieving.

Education and Expertise:

  • Linda embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in psychology from SUNY Purchase in collaboration with Rockefeller University in 1974. It was during this time that she first discovered her profound interest in the human mind and spirit.

  • In 2016, she took a significant step in expanding her horizons by earning a Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysics from the prestigious International School of Metaphysics in Sedona. This marked the beginning of her journey into the profound realms of metaphysics.

  • Building on her academic foundation, Linda pursued her Master's degree in Metaphysics from the International School of Metaphysics in Sedona in 2019, focusing on the transformative potential of words. Her thesis, titled "The Power of Words," offered insights into the profound impact of language.

  • In 2023, Linda reached the pinnacle of her academic pursuits, earning a PhD in Metaphysics with Specialties in Death and Grief from The International School of Metaphysics in Sedona. Her doctoral thesis, titled "The Final Surrender and Beyond," stands as a testament to her deep understanding of the human experience and the metaphysical realms.

Conversations in Conscious Death and Conscious Grieving

12:00 pm -  1:00 pm
120 Deer Tr
ail Drive, Sedona

Facilitated by Dr. Linda Weaver, PhD in Metaphysics with Specialties in Death and Grief

Welcome to a space where we explore the profound and transformative journey of conscious death and conscious grieving, led by Dr. Linda Weaver, a passionate expert with a rich background in Metaphysics and a heart devoted to the realms of death and grief. This is a place for profound conversations and profound healing.

- Embracing Conscious Death

- Conscious death and grieving are integral facets of the delicate balance of conscious living.

 - Delve deep into your thoughts, feelings, and fears surrounding death in a safe and nurturing environment.

  - Unpack learned patterns and beliefs that shape your perception of the transition from the physical vessel to the ethereal world.

  - Explore topics like reincarnation, life between lives, personal and ancestral karma, Near-Death Experiences, and more.

  - Conscious death is about accepting the transition into the Lightbody, embracing impermanence, and ascending to an energy state.


Navigating Conscious Grieving

  - Conscious grieving begins with the understanding that everything and everyone in this world is impermanent.

  - Explore the path back from the Grieving Dark Night of the Soul to the Light of the Universe.

  - Grief is not all doom and gloom; discover how to find smiles in memories, create a lasting legacy, and cope with loss.

  - Learn how to navigate the world in the absence of physical presence.


Join us in these essential conversations on conscious death and conscious grieving. It's a journey of healing, understanding, and embracing the profound beauty of life's impermanence. Together, we navigate the depths of our souls and find the light that shines even in the darkest of times.


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Guidance Through Life's Profound Transitions:  Dr. Weaver's expertise as a metaphysician, grief specialist, and End of Life Doula offers invaluable support during life's most profound transitions.

Understanding and Healing:  Linda's compassionate approach helps individuals and families navigate conscious death and conscious grieving, fostering understanding and facilitating healing.

Embracing Impermanence:  Participants learn to embrace the beauty of life's impermanence, finding solace and light even in the darkest moments.

Expert Insights:  With a PhD in Metaphysics and extensive training, Linda provides expert insights and guidance, offering a transformative journey toward inner peace and acceptance.

Sunrise on Nature


Weekly Wednesdays
12 pm to 1 pm

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120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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