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A beautiful space that's adjacent to the healing garden. Quiet, pristine, and comfortable, the Sicatuva room is an ideal place to host a yoga class, meditation or utilize as part of a retreat. 



The Sicatuva  room is a carpeted, 847 sq. ft. space, that features high, vaulted ceilings, an adjacent bathroom and an entryway  from the gardens. 

Sicatuva is an airy and spacious multi-use room. It features a variety of amenities, including comfortable seating for meditation or breath work classes as well as mats that can be used by yoga practitioners. This space also doubles up nicely to offer serene surroundings for meetings - making it the perfect location!

* Rates

1 to 8 Guests​

  • $380 - 4 hours

  • $712 - 8 hours

    * hourly rate $100

9 to 30 Guests

  • $456 - 4 hours

  • $854- 8 hours

    * hourly rate $120


Welcome to the Spirit
of Sedonya

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Space features

  • Carpeted floor

  • Cathedral Ceiling

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Waste Containers  

  • Unisex  bathroom

  • Outside Sitting Table

  • WiFi


  • Meditation cushions, back jack seats &  yoga mats 

  • Outside Garden

  • Massage Tables

  • Ethernet

  • AV Projection 

  • AV Recording

  • Live Streaming

**  additional charges apply

Gong Ceremony Cathedral Vortex in Sedona

"We've created a purpose-built infrastructure, infused with a sense of gentleness, authenticity, love & care. It's a space where  hosts & guests can feel supported through their journeys."


- Sonya Belisle, Sedonya's Safe Space Keeper

** space use is for Sedonya members only.   If you aren't a member, please inquire about joining

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