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Full Moon Frequency Healing 
Full Moon Sedona Frequency Healing


with master frequency healer & guide Ron Damico

at Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Friday January 6th
6:30pm to 8:00pm

January/s Full Moon Frequency Healing Immersion expresses and embraces the essence of Cancer (feeling, emotions, meaning, purpose, and connections with others - inner world) and Capricorn (logic, facts, getting things done, accomplishments - outer world) and the dance and balancing of this inner and outer reality. This full moon is a time to go deep within to set the stage for a momentum that can bring into action your most inner desires to feel and know yourself as whole, fulfilled and alive. Now is the time to embody the marriage of heaven and earth, inner and outer, feeling and logic, love and life.

During our time together, Ron will energetically guide you on a journey into the nature of heaven and earth, form and formlessness, spirit and matter. He will help you to experience the essence of each and create a loving and healthy relationship with our spirits and bodies. This will put into motion vast transformation for the new year and significant creation of a lasting and evolving experience of what it is to be whole from within as how you live your life in this physical world.

To read more about Ron, who he is, and how he works, please visit

Ron Damico Sedona
Ron Damico

Per Person  $33

Live Stream $23

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