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Full Moon Frequency Healing 
Super Full Moon Sound Healing Immersion Sedona

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus & Scorpio

June’s Full Moon is a Super Moon which increases the power and potential of this action-oriented full moon cycle. This celestial alignment is the moon in Sagittarius and the sun in Gemini - it is a dance of the minds - the higher mind of the spirit and the lower mind of the physical.

This is a time to find balance within our lives regarding learning vs. experience in the areas of the heart and how and why we connect and share. Are we listening, speaking, and sharing from our hearts or mind? During this time, we can become aware of the true nature of living as opposed to the conditioning of our family of origin and the global family. Who are we within this, and how much are we willing to heal and change.

During this Super Full Moon, Angela and Sonya will create a cradle of loving sound as Ron energetically sets the container and direction for us to walk into the heart and soul of who we are as the most powerfully creative beings we can be. He will be guiding us into a potent immersion of embodiment and what it is to be balanced in mind, body, and spirit in the creation of a life you will love living.

Ron Damico Sedona

In Person  $33

Ron Damico

Live Stream $23

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