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Full Moon Frequency Healing 
Sedonya FM Sept 23.jpeg

Fri.  Sept. 29th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
120 Deer Trail Drive, Sedona

Join us as we enter a season of powerful transformational energies, which this month's Super Full Moon amplifies. It is an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of these frequencies to move through some of the most challenging limitations, to awaken your most powerful aspects, and to bring yourself to wholeness once more. These celestial frequencies support living more easily, our divine and sentient nature. It is a time to step off the cliff of human life and launch into an experience expressive of our cosmic self.

Ron innately embodies the template for true healing and transformation, which naturally brings your frequency and healing abilities to a higher level. This creates greater ease in healing your most challenging limitations and living the heart and soul of your true nature. With this alignment, you are birthing your inner truth and passion for life into creating your outer reality and manifesting a collective reality to match. The energies during this full moon and in the coming months are rich with limitless potential and all the love of Source to support your living your true self.

During this powerful Hands-On-Healing event, Ron will help you:

•Guide you into your ability to access the highest power of your spirit to live your passion, love, and courage.

•Activate your inner passion to express the true essence of your Source self as only you can.

•Sense, embrace, and trust your relationship with the nature of life itself, as only you can know.

•Heal the rift between you as a physical being, the love of Source, and life itself.

By aligning the truth within you and the energies that are you, you will begin to feel and know through experience. It will progressively become

clear that it is all you, and there is no separation between you and all life. In this way, you become empowered to feel alive and whole once again as you begin to feel yourself live as peace and love. Join us for this time to remember and live the greatest gifts of life there is, YOU.

Sonya Belisle and Angela Jade Damico will use sound to create a mystical backdrop and a grounding foundation to support this healing journey of transformation through gongs, crystal alchemy bowls and other sound healing tools.

To learn more about Ron, please visit

Ron Damico Sedona

In Person  $33

Ron Damico

Live Stream $33

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