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Illumination of the Light Body Retreat

Ron Damico Sedona based spiritual guide and healer

About Ron Damico

Ron is a Sedona based Transformational Catalyst, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide, and an Architect for the New Human Consciousness. He is a master mentor, teacher, and way shower who has been guiding people from all walks of life and backgrounds through the healing process for nearly two decades.

Sincere and compassionate, Ron uses his own unique form of energetic healing combined with his seasoned medical intuitive abilities to help his clients awaken their innate spirits, so they can meet even the most complex life challenges with strength and courage. He creates a safe, supportive, sacred space in which he uses his gift of intuitive insight to guide his clients through the process of personal transformation and empowerment.

Illumination Retreat with Ron Damico
April 26th to 28th at Sedonya

The heart of this retreat is centered around guiding you into the embodiment of the light being, the luminescent essence of who you are. This powerful weekend will guide you into your innate ability to move into higher levels of consciousness and healing that will support you into and through these transformative times. Ron will be activating and bringing into embodiment the memory of your origins, the nature of your being a spirit creating a physical life experience. The awakening of you as a divinely embodied light being.  


During these three days together Ron will set the stage for the next wave of 5D higher consciousness that humanity will be going through. He will do this by bringing in the Codex, the awareness and information that will activate your biology. He will be working in the pre-quantum field, the very transition point of the Divine, to create and form matter as a divine presence, which is a direct and immediate reflection of the spirit.


As you embody your luminescent self, true and lasting healing occurs at levels we have always had access to but have not been able to embody and live. The activations and healings during this retreat will bring forth an ease through which to create a heart-centered life you have yearned to know. This is a chance to feel and embrace your true nature and power to create the highest realities you can bring into form through the magnificence of the life you live. 


Ron will open your conscious connection to your light body to increase your ability to feel, sense, and actively live a healthy, whole, and healed life that is tangible, real, and expressive of your true nature. This will awaken your passion for life as only you can feel, see, and embody. This weekend will bring you to the next levels of what life can be, moving beyond survival and guiding you into your innate ability to thrive in all areas of your life. Thriving is the essence of illumination because how can you not shine within the act of embodying your spirit self.



Day 1 - Activation


Friday's intent will be centered on awakening, alignment, and activation of your mind, body, and spirit connection. This will create the openings for you to move from seeing yourself as human and stepping into becoming whole as an actual being of Divine light embodied. This prepares the entire body, all of the energy systems, and the mental body to align as it was meant to be. 


The healing immersions will activate your body, from the quantum field through to your genetics. This will pave the way to prepare your body to awaken its natural abilities for the DNA to emanate and live the infinite nature of your luminescent self.


Ron will be activating what is already present within everybody and putting it into active motion so the biology can start to prepare for the integration of it, bringing that to a powerfully fluid state of being. So all the systems, all the organs, all the glands, all of your systems energetically to physiologically, will then be integrated in. 


Day 2 - Integration


Saturday's intent will center on the integration of all physical systems, the emotional and mental bodies, and all energy systems within and around the body. At this point, Ron will activate and integrate the Codex of your true spirit essence. The Codex is your original programming from the Divine. It is your Spark of Life, your direct and untainted connection with God. He will then bring them all into harmony to operate as one synergistic presence, moving you into the embodiment of your spirit essence at an organic level. 


Day 3 - Embodiment to Becoming


Sunday, we will focus on fine-tuning the work from Friday and Saturday to move so completely into embodiment that we will activate and step into the nature of Becoming. Becoming is a state of being and living that expresses itself as the light being, where we become spirit as form. We ARE whole and one as the Divine.


Join Ron on this incredibly immersive healing journey of discovering and living your true Light Being Nature.


Image by Mahdi Soheili

"I found Ron to be as deeply dedicated to my awakening and very precise in unearthing ... patterns that were keeping me stuck." 
-Daniela Mannucci


Ron has been able to identify issues and patterns that I always knew were there but could never fully articulate or completely heal despite years of working on myself and with other healers.

-Cara R.

All I can say is WOW,  ...far more intricate and advanced than anyone or anything I have worked with before



What you'lll receive:

Activation of Inner Light: Participants will experience a profound activation of their inner light being, leading to an awakening of higher consciousness and a deeper understanding of their spiritual essence.

Healing and Heart-Centered Transformation: The retreat promises deep, lasting healing and the ability to create a life centered around the heart. Participants will learn to embody and express their true nature, leading to a more fulfilled and authentic life experience.

Enhanced Connection to Light Body: Ron's guidance will strengthen the participants' connection
to their light body, enhancing their ability to live a healthy, whole, and healed life. This will awaken a renewed passion for life and the capacity to thrive in all aspects.


January 12th - 14th, 2024


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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