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 Love Unending with Arielle Margalit 


Arielle Margalit Hecht is a spiritually centered singer-songwriter, author, globally regarded meditation teacher, and a founder/teacher of spiritual life coaching and development courses. 


Most of all, she is a student and teacher of the art of surrender and the pathway of the Heart. 


Her life journey has brought her through many trials in which deep, sincere surrender was her only solace. From devastating illness, to loss and betrayal, Arielle understands the terrain of hardship, and she also knows the doorway of illumination and resurrection well. Arielle is honored to safely guide you into your next level of awakening, healing, wholeness, and surrender.

Ariel will be joined award winning harpist Peter Sterling!

Moon Stages

An evening of song, meditation and experiencing a Love that will never die

(Special Event)

Thursday May 2nd, 2024
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
120 Deer Trail Drive, Sedona
Exchange : $33  

Join Arielle Margalit, singer-songwriter and world renowned spiritual and meditation teacher, for an evening of softening into a Love that is forever.

 Whether you’re overcoming a heartbreak or loss, are ready to deepen into spiritual Love, or simply feel drawn to come more into your heart, this event will change you.

 In Arielle’s last surrender immersion, participants experienced a deeper level of surrender than they had ever experienced in their lives.

 These evenings are a spiritual immersion into the heart of your being.

With nearly 2 million streams of her guided meditations, and having co-founded an International Spiritual Coaching Academy, Arielle’s voice is a spiritual balm for millions of listeners. 

This evening combines meditation, music and contemplative discourse.

Special world-class musical guests Prem Vidu and Peter Sterling.

Affectionately known as having, “the voice of an angel,” Arielle’s music blends the ethereal with a rich, soulful depth. Moving and contemplative, her songs reach the heart and spirit. 

Tickets: $33



“Arielle’s meditation left me feeling at peace and believing I can feel this way all the time.” - Renee

“Since Arielle launched this beautiful song, I have listened everyday to help me pass through this surrendering phase. Thank you from my heart.” - Johann

“OMG! Arielle’s work is exquisite.” - Thomas


“Arielle’s work is sacred and brings a realization of the Presence.” - Mark

“Words cannot explain… how unique the experience is… she makes you melt.” - Simon

“Such beautiful peace.” - Craig

“Her meditations are incredible. They bring cleansing and balance.” - Faith

“I can’t remember feeling this relaxed for a long time.” - Natalie

“Arielle’s voice is so soothing; she helped me loosen my burden.” - Esha

“Wow Arielle’s meditations are incredibly freeing. Between the sounds and words, I just let go.” - Nina






Moon Stages

Join us for this 1.5 hour activation ceremony to...

- Experience a Love that never dies with singer-songwriter and spiritual teacher Arielle Margalit.

- Deepen into spiritual Love, heal from heartbreak or loss, and connect with your heart's essence.

- Immerse in meditation, music, and contemplative discourse led by world-class guests Prem Vidu and Peter Sterling.


Moon Stages


Thursday May 2nd, 2024
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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