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Inspired by GuanYin, the physical embodiment of compassion,  this space will hold you in comfort, serenity and ease.   

Kwan Yin Sedona


GuanYin is located in a free-standing building, features hard wood floors, 633  sq. ft. of space, and its own parking lot. 

The world vanishes when you're in this space, as it comforts you with available sound and light shades. Rectangular in shape,  it's designed for smaller classes and intimate workshops to be conducted here.

* Rates

1 to 15 Guests​

  • $285 - 4 hours

  • $534 - 8 hours

    * hourly rate $75

** 21% support reduction for other non profits.  Space use is for Sedonya members only.   If you aren't a member, please inquire about joining


Welcome to the Space
of  Compassion

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at

Space features

  • Hardwood floor

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Blackout Window Coverings

  • Waste Containers 

  • Water Station (Upon Request)

  • ADA Compliant Access

  • Free Parking & WiFi

  • Stereo system with 8 speakers


  • Meditation cushions, back jack seats &  yoga mats 

  • Outside Garden

  • Massage Tables

  • Ethernet

  • AV Projection 

  • AV Recording

  • Live Streaming

**  additional charges apply

Gong Ceremony Cathedral Vortex in Sedona

"We've created a purpose-built infrastructure, infused with a sense of gentleness, authenticity, love & care. It's a space where  hosts & guests can feel supported through their journeys."


- Sonya Belisle, Sedonya's Safe Space Keeper

GuanYin Photos
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Interested in the GuanYin Room?

Contact us


Sedonya's  main building contains the living room area, dining hall, kitchen, and the Cathedral.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 3.37.26 PM.png

Located in the Heart Center, the Cathedral is Ideal for retreats,  workshops,  and larger gatherings.

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