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New Year's Eve
Welcome in the New Year & Unleash Your Gifts for the Benefit of All
Embrace a conscious New Year, turning inwards for reflection, intention, and creation.  All proceeds go to
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Symphony of the Soul
Sunday Dec. 31st 9pm to 10:30pm in the Cathedral

Toss your obstacles into the burning flames while being ceremonially escorted into a place of aliveness. UQUALLA will take us on a journey into the flames, as we transmute the old and awaken our hearts to the possibility of the new.   

Reserve Your Spot : Adults $55  

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Candelight Expansion Ceremony
Sunday Dec. 31st 11:15 pm to 12:15 am in the Cathedral

Welcome the New Year with  Candlelight Ceremony, a luminous, powerful gathering symbolizing hope and renewal. 


Amidst the gentle glow of candles, set your intentions and embrace new beginnings. This serene and reflective moment invites gratitude for the past and inspiration for the future, illuminating your path into the New Year with shared warmth and light.


Reserve Your Spot : Adults $44 

New Year's Tribal Dance
Monday January 1st, 2024  12:15 am to 1:15 am in the Heart Center 

A vibrant tribal dance, a dynamic celebration of life and collective energy to ring in the New Year.  A powerful expression of joy and unity. Uqualla, a charismatic leader, infuses the dance with a spirit of community and vitality, inviting everyone to partake in welcoming the New Year with rhythm, color, and exuberance. Embrace the    experience and let the dance move you into a year of positivity and vibrant new beginnings.

Reserve Your Spot : Adults $44



Symphony of the Soul
Candlelight New Year Ceremony
Tribal Dance

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For a Good Cause
Sedonya is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.
100% of net proceeds will be contributed to Sedonya's
for the Benefit of All campaign.

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