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Arielle Margalit Hecht is a spiritually centered singer-songwriter, author, globally regarded meditation teacher, and a founder/teacher of spiritual life coaching and development courses. 


Most of all, she is a student and teacher of the art of surrender and the pathway of the Heart. 


Her life journey has brought her through many trials in which deep, sincere surrender was her only solace. From devastating illness, to loss and betrayal, Arielle understands the terrain of hardship, and she also knows the doorway of illumination and resurrection well. Arielle is honored to safely guide you into your next level of awakening, healing, wholeness, and surrender.

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Matthew Hara is an artist, craftsman, musician, singer/songwriter, yoga teacher, and spiritual mentor.

Over the past 20 years, he has shared extensively yogic tools, and sacred processes and principles. His first trip to India impacted him profoundly, and he continued to return annually for 15 years to live with, learn from, and serve alongside monks, yogis, and spiritual teachers. Through the practice of Mantra yoga, inspiration for his musical expression was born. His songs are diverse in genre, and heartfelt in their unique expression of prayer and intention.

They are woven through mantra, and poetic insight; intended to inspire revelation, and communion with the Universal. His vision is to support passionate individuals to move into very fulfilled states of consciousness through the power of the heart, music, prayer and self awareness.


Instruments of Grace
Special evening of musical prayer, devotional song and sacred connection 

Instruments of Grace

A richly collaborative evening of diverse  musical prayer, devotional song and sacred Celebration!

Wednesday May 8th, 2024
7:00 pm to 8:45 pm
120 Deer Trail Drive, Sedona
Exchange : $33  

This New Moon in May - enter a field of Grace; a space of unity and communion, freedom and expression!
As a tribe let’s open our hearts, voices and beings through the power of sacred song!

Singer-songwriters Matthew Hara and Arielle Margalit will weave together dynamic songs and prayers with flavors from the east and west, accompanied by world class musicians John Dumas, Gabriel Be, as well as deeply talented musicians and artists Emilia Ann, Ishaya Ma, and John Lynch.

“Instruments of Grace” is an evening of joyful affirmation and opening into the gift of “being Thy instrument”; to allow ourselves to be utilized and guided by the Great Spirit, the Divine, God, the One. 

As we open to “Thy Grace” we become the instrument, and thereby our lives become living miracles, synchronicity abounds, we are shown the light in every scene, and made use of for the highest potential in all!

The evening will feature internationally-renowned musician John Dumas and multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and dj Gabriel Browne. With ... special guest Artists John Lynch, Ishaya Ma and Emilia An.

Come. Let’s pray together. 

Let’s sing together. Let’s enter a space of profound love and celebration of OUR DIVERSE ONENESS!

“Matthew’s messages in his music are powerfully clear and help me to relax deeply into my prayer.” - Francine

“Arielle’s voice makes me bathe in this beautiful ocean of love and peace.” - Camelia

“Matthew’s heart is open and the divine channels beautifully through him. His leadership and guidance have been a rich soil for me to grow in awareness and connection.” - Sue

“I felt the spirit, the light, and the love of God during Arielle’s meditation. She is brilliant! I don't know what I'd do without her guided meditations! - Joe

Tickets: $33 in person or $18 stream




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Join us for this New Moon Ceremony  to..

- Bathe in heart-felt music and prayer
- Open your heart and voice through the magic of sacred heart songs and the resonance of ancient mantras - east and west
- Receive insights that foster personal creativity and spiritual exploration
- Open to a profound sense of connection with yourself and others
- Soak in an enhanced field of Grace
- Attune and open your voice/communication
- Saturate in a lovingly charged sacred space
- Rebirth new intention for this spring/summer on the New Moon




Wednesday May 8th, 2024
7:00 pm to 8:45 pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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