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October 13th - 16th, 2022


Healthy Woman

It's time to treat yourself to a retreat that’s been designed for you to reconnect with yourself, revitalize your life, and balance your hormones naturally.

From movement, to sacred ceremonies, emotional release exercises, self-love, connection, to learning about your own body and your hormonal system, you’ll be guided by experienced practitioners on a journey that will empower you to tap into your natural healing powers.  

This workshop will utilize powerful embodied and experiential practices to rebalance your hormones, and get you back to your true self.

These include:

  • Native kava kava fire ceremony 

  • Unique sequence of hormone yoga to stimulate the pituitary, thyroid, ovaries, and adrenal glands

  • Sound healings featuring various instruments as well as tribal tonalities

  • Womb breathwork designed to unblock stuck emotions

  • Nourishing plant based, organic foods

  • Body & mind balancing

  • Soul realization exercises

  • Creek play and sacred land hiking

  • Optional spa and healing treatments

While the focus on female hormones usually centers around our reproduction and fertility, the truth is that hormonal imbalances impact all aspects of our lives. 

When our hormones are out of balance our lives are out of alignment with self.  An unbalanced hormone system can cause unexplained weight gain, anxiety, depression, brain fog, insomnia, and other serious conditions. 

Balancing hormones naturally is not only effective, it can have the additional benefits of maintaining ideal weight, improved mood, mental clarity and eliminating other undesirable side-effects of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats without the use of synthetic medications.

Our outcome for this retreat is for you to leave feeling renewed, revitalized and empowered, with the tools, resources and support to enable you to continue your healing process when you get home.

The red rocks of Sedona glow in the late evening sunset against the green valley floor bel
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Day One:

Meet and Greet  with Healthy Snacks
Introduction to Hormone Yoga

Intention Setting
Fire Ceremony with Kava Kava 

Day Two:

Morning Outdoor Qi Gong 
Breakfast Smoothie

Native American Intention Walk

Presentation of Hormones and their Role in the Human Body

Plant Based Meal
Female Hormones Physiology

Diet & Lifestyle for Hormonal Balancing 

Demonstration of Hormone Yoga Sequence and Group Practice 

Hormone Yoga Nidra for Balancing Hormones

Day Three:

Early Morning Hike  
Breakfast Smoothie 
Hormone Yoga Dynamic Movements, Breathing & Bandas

Hormone Yoga Anti Stress Meditation
Plant Based Meal
Hormone Yoga Daily Series Group Practice 

Womb Breathwork

Day Four:

Breakfast Smoothie
Be Here Now Embodiment Experience
Intention Walk
Hormone Yoga Complete Practice 

Plant Based Meal
Harmonization of Hormones with Chakra Clearing Meditation
Closing Sound Healing Ceremony



Sedona Hormone Yoga Retreat
Heart of Sedona
Healing Time with Yourself






Sonya Belisle

Sonya Belisle

Founder of Sedonya Conscious Living Center, a non profit spiritual center dedicated to offering a conscious source of healing programs designed to facilitate harmonization of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of life.

Sonya has been facilitating holistic healing for the past 25 years in a variety of forms; as a raw vegan chef and culinary arts teacher, a Holistic Health & Life Coach, a Sound Healing Practitioner and a Yoga, Tai-Chi and Qigong instructor. 

She has undergone deep personal transformation through her lifelong connection with nature and the body, as well as a fearless inward journey where she rebirthed herself through physical, energetic, and spiritual detoxification. .

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 4.47.45 AM.png

Afsaneh Felsher


A  National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Hormone and Digestive Coach for Women, Yin yoga, mindfulness, and meditation teacher and practitioner.  

Afshaneh is the founder of AFSI Health, a Colorado based health and wellness company offering personal training, nutritional counseling, and hormone specific exercises throughout the Centennial State, and around the world .

AFSI Health is dedicated to helping individuals find their way to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life, grounded in the science of sound nutrition, structured exercise, and balanced hormones.

Sacred Ceremony with UQUALLA


"I am of the people of the Blue-Green Waters: Havasupai. Birthed to the Grand Canyon in the season of the hunts and seed gatherings. My journey's path began with life on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

My spirit memories began with gatherings of the neighboring clans. The oratory, songs, and dances created my spiritual foundation. I have seen many walks as I have led my people as tribal chief, a ceremonial dresser, traditional advisor, and steward of cultural events.

As ceremonial Facilitator, I have been given the responsibility of bridging the physical and spiritual. I am guided by the medicines, spirits, and all  the Wisdom Keepers of time.

I invite you to share with me the blessings of the Great Spirit."

Home: Testimonials

Afsi's workshop was simply a joy! Her depth of knowledge and her skills in teaching a technical and complex topic in simple terms help understanding and absorbing the material for daily practice much more practical and easier to implement post hormone coaching workshop. I recommend Afsi to all ladies going through menopause. Sarah W.

Yoga Alliance CEP

Afsi helped my PMS symptoms and painful cycles with unique yoga sequencing, relaxation, and anti-stress practices. She’s a gentle guide and uses small steps to effectively harmonize hormones the natural way which is exactly what I was looking for. I recommend Afsi to anyone suffering from hormone imbalances and emotional challenges that come with it.

Sanna H.

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