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Candlelight Sound Healing Meditation

Sarah McLean is a renowned meditation teacher and the founder of the Meditation Teacher Academy, where she trains meditation teachers globally. Her journey includes mentorship from Deepak Chopra, living in an ashram in India, and a stint as a Zen Buddhist lay monk. Since 2006, she's led the McLean Meditation Institute and co-directs the Feast for the Soul. She's authored several best-sellers, including "Soul-Centered" and "The Power of Attention." Previously based in Sedona, Sarah now resides in Santa Barbara, California, engaging in gardening, beekeeping, and writing.


Cheryl Bailey is a holistic wellness expert specializing in yoga, meditation, sound healing, and crystal therapy. Her journey began with personal challenges, leading her to find solace and transformation through ancient practices. As the CEO of Grit and Grace Meditation in Sedona, Arizona, she holds various certifications, including yoga, mindfulness, sound healing, and Reiki. Cheryl is committed to helping others live their fullest lives, continuously expanding her expertise, currently pursuing a Breathwork Facilitation Course.

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Candlelight Sound Healing Meditaiton with Sarah McLean & Cheryl Bailey

Friday March 22nd from 7pm to 8:45pm
Exchange: $33

Join Cheryl and Sarah for a harmonious evening of meditation and sound to relax your mind, rejuvenate your spirit, and find inner peace. Experience the soothing vibrations of sound and the power of mindfulness in a serene atmosphere designed to help you unwind and restore balance in your life.


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- Deep Relaxation:  Experience profound relaxation as the soothing vibrations of sound wash over you, helping to release stress and tension from your body and mind.

- Emotional Rejuvenation: Rejuvenate your spirit as the harmonious sounds foster an environment of emotional healing and well-being, allowing you to connect deeply with your inner self.

- Enhanced Mindfulness: Cultivate mindfulness and presence as you immerse yourself in the sound meditation, enhancing your awareness and promoting a state of calm and focused tranquility.

- Restorative Balance:Rediscover your inner peace and restore balance in your life through this unique experience, designed to harmonize your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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Friday March 22nd

7pm to 8:45pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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