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Join Us Each Sunday August from 4 pm to 6 pm for  ...

A ceremonial circle to honor the Sacred Feminine in all things and share

our Deep gratitude to the Great Mother for the bounty and beauty of life.

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The first Harvest, the Lammas Festival

The midpoint between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox.


A magical time of celebrating, ceremony and devotion.


Let us focus on what we are beginning to glean from this year so far.


Join with the Sedona Women of Wisdom and be counted among us.

Experience Crystal Bowl meditation, Dance, Magic Elixir and activation!






Directed and Facilitated by Rhianne Teija NewLahnd, Wise Woman, Author, Artist, Priestess and Spiritual guide.

"This first circle gathering will be to initiate the energies of the Sacred Feminine and open a portal of great beauty, power and awakening in Sedona. Please come and lend your energy to this wonderful and important time for ourselves, our community and our planet."
                                                                                             ~ Rihanne Teija NewLahnd

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Rhianne Newland is an internationally known wise woman teacher, published writer, fine artist, master gardener and spiritual counselor. For over 30 years Rhianne has been facilitating sacred ceremonies, community celebrations, performances and workshops all with the intention of helping people to create more enchanted conscious lives.


An ordained Priestess in two orders,  Rhianne is a devotee of the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess, and a clear channel for higher wisdom and great beauty that comes forth in her life and work. Rhianne is also called a “Portal opener and keeper”, because of her ability to open energy fields to higher realms and dimensions.


She also communicates and brings forth wisdom from Elven and Faerie realms, associates with Deva’s and nature spirits, and has a deep and abiding love and respect for Mother Earth.

For twenty years, she directed, produced and facilitated Goddess groups and community gatherings in Sedona, that were highlights of the community. Out of this experience, of sitting in sacred ceremonial and wisdom circle with wise women, she created a master work, The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle and teaching system. Many of the programs of the Sedona Women of Wisdom circles will be based on this work, which is intended to bring forth the beauty, wisdom, power and enchantment of the women who participate.




Rhianne NewLahnd offers the magnificent gift of bringing ancient and new worlds to life. She does this through multiple forms, teachings and the evocation of beauty, but most importantly through the embodiment and the gift of bringing love and enchantment to all that she touches.

                                     -Sarah Drew, best selling author of the Gaia Codex

Tickets: $22 

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