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Fire Ceremony & Power Animal Dance
Sedona Raindance with
Eve Crowe & Friends
Eve Crowe


Eve Crowe is a seasoned practitioner, Teacher and workshop leader who specializes in clearing core issues and manifesting magnificent outcomes 


ABOUT John Duma

John Dumas B.F.A.,M.S.  is an internationally renowned, musician, artist, shamanic astrologer and inspirational teacher. His music helps bring peace, relaxation and emotional nostalgia for a time long ago when we lived more in balance with nature.


ABOUT Jaya Lakshmi

As a singer/songwriter she is known for her authentic and deep devotional spirit as well as playing an important part in establishing kirtan and mantra music in the west. Since 1997 she has created 19 albums, all in the mantra/chant/new age genre. 

aniko light.jpeg

ABOUT Nikko Light

Niko Light is a multi instrumentalist of world percussion for 30 years. Niko Light carries the sacred rhythms to create an intentional container to fully expand to our highest self.


ABOUT Ako Mantis

Ako Mantis is a Retreat facilitator, flutist and sound healer 

Fire Ceremony & Power Animal Dance

Raindance with Eve Crowe and Friends

Saturday May 25th, 2024
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
120 Deer Trail Drive, Sedona
Exchange :
$22  in person or $11 via Live Stream

Join us in person for on livestream for a joyous gathering where we unite to bring refreshing rains and foster global harmony!


Our Gathering is an opportunity to contribute towards global peace and environmental well-being.

Participate in an ancient rain dance that celebrates and encourages the natural cycles of our planet.


Experience the magic of spontaneous rainfalls that have graced our past events, as Eve Crowe and her fellow musicians bring their vibrant music to life.

These dances, entrusted to Eve by a native elder, honor our connection to the earth and its seasons.


Eve Crowe's mission is to bring us together to create a season filled with abundant rain and sunshine. Enjoy an enchanting lineup featuring Eve Crowe, John Dumas, Ako Mantis, Niko Light, and Jaya Lakshmi.


Join us in a circle led by Eve for the Raindance, followed by a session of drumming and dancing. We aim to celebrate and invite the joyful spirits of water and thunder.


Please bring your drums, rattles, and instruments—everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of musical experience. Let’s come together to celebrate, connect, and create positive change through the power of community and tradition!


No experience needed to participate. 






Fire Ceremony & Power Animal Dance

What people are saying...

"I love being online for Eve's Raindances! I always feel as though I am in person somehow! She is magical! I love feeling as though I am assisting in World Peace! Eve is a true Shaman with gifts to bring in the rain! Every event with Eve is sacred with fun songs and drumming "

Pam S. California 

"It actually started raining in the middle of the rain dance on livestream here in Colorado! There was 0% of rain predicted... I felt fulfilled knowing I was a part in preventing fires! 

I love being on line for her Raindances! 

T.C. Colorado 

"I love dancing, drumming and the sacred ceremony of Eve's Raindances here in Sedona! I participated in every one so far! It is exciting and powerful as we watch the clouds roll in! Twice it rained in the middle. We had to grab our drums and run for our cars! Thank you Eve for making it fun with all of the musicians as well!"

P.C Sedona 


Fire Ceremony & Power Animal Dance


Saturday May 25th, 2024
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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