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Sunday July 25th, 10am

When we start to feel good, we want to recreate the feeling as much as possible in the ways that we treat our own bodies through food and self-care.  


Come join us on this Sunday from 10 am to 1 for a Morning of Self Care...   


..... Start your morning off, with a  ((Deep Flow)) Yoga Experience,  guided by guest Yogi,  Näthan Saith Gangadean, founder of ((UNUM)).((YOGA)); and experience "a deep,  somatic journey that's  akin to a total massage of your mind, body & soul. 


..... After yoga, enjoy a vegan,  gluten free, Asian inspired meal featuring...


  • Vegan Won Ton Soup & 

  • Vegan Sushi ... 

    ...  a meal that will be a natural, nourishing extension of ((Deep Flow)).
    This special Sunday Morning program,  is crafted to bring you back to your center, in a beautiful, creative and mindful way.  



A Message from Näthan ...

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10am to 10:15am

Intention Walk & Meditation with UQUALL & Sonya Belisle

10:15 am to 11:45am

Deep Flow Yoga


11:45am to 12:45am

Vegan, Gluten Free Asian Inspired meal

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Gold heartrock (4).png

$35.00 for adults
$21 for kids


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