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Crown  Raa - Gold Lilac, ylang ylang, Lady of the Valley 3rd Eye  Horus - Narcissus Throat
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Sonya Belisle

About Your Ceremonialists

Sonya Belisle, owner and operator of the Sedonya Conscious Living Center, has been facilitating holistic healing for the past 25 years in a variety of forms; as a raw vegan chef and culinary arts teacher, a Holistic Health & Life Coach, a Sound Healing Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Yoga, Tai-Chi and Qigong instructor.



Tues., Dec. 12th
6:30 to 8:00 pm

Immerse yourself in a transformative Egyptian Oil Sitting Ceremony, a confluence of ancient wisdom and celestial energy under the New Moon, skillfully guided by Adam Shield and Izzy.

Experience a deep spiritual awakening with seven sacred oils, each resonating with your energy centers and harmonizing your spirit with the universe.

Adam and Izzy will lead you in toning exercises, activating each oil's potent energy to draw in the blessings of Earth and Sky.

As you journey from Mother Earth's roots to celestial heights, connect with Egypt's mystical landscapes. This evening of new beginnings, illuminated by Mayan insights, invites you to plant intentions and witness their magical unfolding.

Sonya Belisle enhances the ceremony with the resonant sounds of the Gong and other instruments, enveloping the night in transformative vibrations. Join this unforgettable journey of awakening and harmony.



Image by Mahdi Soheili

"Thank you.  Exactly what I needed to start the New Cycle.

"The circle was extremely powerful and infused my intentions.

"Will be back next New Moon. The Gong opened me up to the start of something new.  

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This offering inlcudes:

Spiritual Awakening: Experience a profound connection to ancient Egyptian wisdom and celestial energies, guided by the insightful teachings of Adam and Izzy.

Chakra Harmonization: Engage with seven sacred oils, each crafted to resonate with specific energy centers, fostering inner balance and spiritual alignment.


Cultural and Cosmic Connection: Immerse in the mystical allure of Egypt and align with the New Moon's promise of new beginnings, as interpreted through Mayan astrology.


Enhanced Sound Healing: Enjoy the transformative power of sound with Sonya Belisle's Gong and other instruments, amplifying the ceremony's healing and rejuvenating effects.

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Tues, Dec. 12th
6:30 to 8:00 pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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