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located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona

Host Your Retreat at Sedonya

Your Next Retreat

Tucked away on a 1.9 acre West Sedona gated property, Sedonya offers and ideal location for hosting your next retreat.  With easy access, wonderful grounds,  well orchestrated buildings and beautiful rooms,  Sedonya is one of Sedona's most sought after retreat venues.

When you host a retreat at Sedonya,  you become a client, a friend, part of the family, and are joining an interplanetary web of people focused on transformation and healing.  

A Focus on Supporting You

So that you can focus on your curriculum, content and clients. 

Wellness Coach

Our Outcome

To create an environment of safety that allows human beings to go deeper within and raise the consciousness throughout.

Safe Space

Sedonya is built upon the foundation of harmony and a purpose to heal the world through co-creation & collaborative efforts.

To do this, we have designed Sedonya to be a safe space, where  hosts & guests can feel supported along their journey. 


Our team is committed to our host's success. We believe that by providing our hosts with a sacred and safe environment, where they can focus on their work in the world, we can more quickly amplify our purpose and achieve harmony and peace for all.

Co-Creation through Attraction

We believe in attraction not promotion & invite you to connect with us to discover what's possible

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Hosting Your Retreat at Sedonya

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If you are a guide, teacher or leader of particular modalities including yoga, breathwork, Barre, art therapy, dance, meditation, martial arts, Taoist practices, Shamanic practices and more, Sedonya's facilities are designed to offer you and your students an intimate and highly functional setting for teaching,  learning and transformation.

We Provide:

  • A dedicated environment specific to practices of transformation.

  • A center that's ideal for groups between 5 to 35 guests.

  • Audio visual support and streaming service options.

  • A setting with purpose-built infrastructure and practice areas that include 3 dedicated class rooms, a main center with dining and living room areas, and a number of healing and breakout rooms.

  • Delicious plant based catering options.

  • A center that's tucked away in magical West Sedona. 

  • A team that will support you throughout your journey with transparency, professional treatment, and genuine care for your success, from the initial discovery call to the final moment of celebration for a successfully completed retreat.

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Shared Visions

Sedonya was created with a dream to transform humanity one person at a time. We cater to those that share this same vision.

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Sedonya Concierge 

We will do whatever it takes to ensure that you and your guests are satisfied.

From airport pickup to organizing and arranging excursions and activities based on the themes of your event.

We can coordinate on and off center activities and excursions from cooking classes, to beautiful drumming circles, to yoga,  to red rock celebrations with dinner or snacks, to locating the best bodyworkers and healers for your group, to co-creating an experience that will enhance and amplify your offerings, by fusing our offerings for the best possible experience.


Interested in hosting your retreat

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