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located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona

Host Your Retreat at Sedonya

Your Next Retreat

Tucked away on a 1.9 acre West Sedona gated property, Sedonya offers and ideal location for hosting your next retreat.  With easy access, wonderful grounds,  well orchestrated buildings and beautiful rooms,  Sedonya is one of Sedona's most sought after retreat venues.

When you host a retreat at Sedonya,  you become a client, a friend, part of the family, and are joining an interplanetary web of people focused on transformation and healing.  

Introduction to Retreat Planning

    • An overview of the retreat planning process, including what to consider when choosing a retreat center, selecting dates, and creating a retreat schedule.

  1. Choosing a Retreat Center

    • A detailed guide to selecting the perfect retreat center for your needs, including information on amenities, facilities, accommodations, and other key factors.

    • Keywords: sedona retreat venue, retreat center, retreat facilities, group events

  2. Retreat Budget Planning

    • A step-by-step guide to creating a retreat budget, including tips on how to save money, get the most value for your investment, and avoid common mistakes.

    • Keywords: retreat budget, retreat pricing, retreat costs, retreat discounts

  3. Marketing Your Retreat

    • A comprehensive guide to promoting and marketing your retreat, including tips on social media marketing, email marketing, and other digital marketing strategies.

    • Keywords: retreat marketing, retreat promotion, retreat advertising, retreat outreach

  4. Meeting Spaces and Facilities

    • A detailed overview of the meeting spaces and facilities available at your retreat center, including information on capacity, layout, technology, and other key features.

    • Keywords: sedona retreat venue, retreat meeting spaces, event spaces, conference rooms


    •  Co-Creation Services and Value-Adds

    • Co-Creation Services (targeted keywords: retreat planning services, retreat facilitation, co-creation services Sedona)

    • Marketing and Promotion (targeted keywords: retreat marketing Sedona, social media marketing for retreats, email marketing for retreats)

    • Website Design and Optimization (targeted keywords: retreat website design, SEO for retreats, website optimization Sedona)

    • Testimonials and Case Studies (targeted keywords: retreat success stories, retreat testimonials, case studies)

    • Frequently Asked Questions (targeted keywords: retreat planning FAQ, retreat logistics, common retreat questions)

    • Contact Us (targeted keywords: retreat center contact, Sedona retreat center, contact us)

  5. Accommodations and Lodging

    • A guide to the accommodations and lodging options available for your retreat attendees, including information on room types, amenities, and other key features.

    • Keywords: sedona retreat venue, retreat accommodations, group lodging, retreat suites

  6. Dining and Catering Services

    • A detailed overview of the dining and catering services available at your retreat center, including information on menus, special dietary needs, and other key features.

    • Keywords: sedona retreat venue, retreat dining, group catering, retreat menus

  7. On-Site Services

    • An overview of the on-site services available at your retreat center, including yoga classes, massage therapy, and other wellness services.

    • Keywords: sedona retreat venue, on-site services, retreat activities, wellness services

  8. Local Attractions and Activities

    • Information on local attractions and activities in the Sedona area, including hiking, sightseeing, and other outdoor adventures.

    • Keywords: sedona attractions, sedona activities, group events, outdoor adventures

  9. Area Lodging and Transportation

  • Information on local lodging and transportation options, including hotel accommodations, shuttle services, and more.

  • Keywords: sedona lodging, sedona transportation, group travel, airport shuttle

  1. Weather and Seasonal Considerations

  • Information on the weather and seasonal considerations for planning a retreat in Sedona, including temperature and precipitation data, as well as any weather advisories or other important information.

  • Keywords: sedona weather, sedona seasons, group events, weather advisories

  1. Cultural and Spiritual Aspects of Sedona

  • Information on the unique cultural and spiritual aspects of Sedona, including local traditions, history, and spiritual experiences.

  • Keywords: sedona spirituality, sedona culture, group events, spiritual experiences

  1. Local Regulations and Permits

  • Information on local regulations and permits for hosting a retreat in Sedona, including any permits or licenses that may be required, as well as any restrictions or guidelines for events.

  • Keywords: sedona regulations, retreat permits

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