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Sound Divination Journey . Sept. 15th 6pm
Unique Sound Healing Journey
Space is limited as the journey is set on comfortable, soft mats, surrounding a special guest who'll be playing a large, rare, and powerful singing bowl.
Uqualla Sound Healing Journey

Sound Divination journey
at Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Thur. Sept. 15th
6:00pm - 7:00pm

Experience progressional healing thru the use of ancient tools of sound, vibration, wafting, relaxation and self-gifting.

Uqualla, Sonya and Rene will co-facilitate a range of sounding techniques to encourage self-regeneration.  Their cumulative skills in ancestral & spiritual healing arts will create a journey of respective healing for all participants.

Dress comfortably to promote the free flow of desired effects in your personal regeneration.

Come join us 💛 🙏 🦋 🌎

Admission $24 pp

$24 pp .


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