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Sound Healing Sedona Three Trees
Star Formation

With over 20 years of experience,  Three Trees offers a Sonic Medicine Journey using a full sound system that integrates Shamanic and contemporary sound healing techniques, incorporating deep healing rhythms and instruments from around the world.


Combining Sacred intention and guidance, Three Trees integrates African and Native drums, gongs, Tibetan and crystal bowls, didgeridoos, Native Flutes, vocal toning, Ancient chants, Hand Pans, and more, to create a truly unique and mystical healing experience.

Three Trees Sound Healing Concert Sedona
Three Trees Sound Healing Sedona
Star Formation

Three Trees, (a name given during a quest over 20 years ago and now his legal name) is a Healer, Teacher, Musician, Artist and Creator of SoulMonic Sound Healing.   This unique style of sound healing integrates sacred healing instruments and wisdom from many shamanic and indigenous traditions around the world.  Known for his powerful group sound healing journeys, he uses a vast array of instruments, live looping and healing drum rhythms.  Blending sound healing and a Shamanic Journey, he alchemizes the ancient and contemporary techniques of vibrational healing, creating a space for a powerful and mystical experience. 

Star Formation


Thursday - October 22nd at Sedonya
120 Deer Trail Drive

7 pm to 9p




Saturday - October 22nd at Sedonya

120 Deer Trail Drive, Sedona

7pm to 9pm


Sedonya Conscious Living Center

120 Deer Trail Drive

Sedona, AZ 86336


$44 PREPAY & $49 at the DOOR
Limited Space


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