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Diving Mother Puja with Shalini Bagdasarian  

Shalini Bagdasarian has been immersed in the field of consciousness as a meditator & healing practitioner, for over 30 years.



A blessed unfolding brought her to study and work with some remarkable masters. When she met Amma Sri Karunamayi, her quest for Divine Love was answered.

She lived in Amma's ashram in India and served her for 5 years traveling as a crew member in the USA tour. 


This experience brought a deep transformation, and she entered an unending love affair with her meditation practice, learning Sanskrit chanting, breath work (pranayama) and Vedic philosophy. She is now sharing the gift she received from Amma: the path to our inner silence and deeper connection with the Self. Remembering our divine nature hidden in our heart innermost chamber.


Join Us for

divine mother puja

with Shalini Bagdasarian

at Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Oct. 16th at 5:30pm

NAVARATRI: Receive the Grace of the Divine Feminine


Navaratri is a 10-day festival celebrating the Divine Mother. On the final, most auspicious day, we offer our love, prayers and devotion to the Goddess in all her manifestations — Durga, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Qwan Yin, Tara and so forth — through a puja ceremony.

A puja is a traditional Hindu worship ceremony. Along with our prayers, traditional  mantra chanting and meditation, we will offer flowers and leaves, water and other liquids, sacred powdered substances (such as vermillion, sandalwood, turmeric, holy ashes), lights and incense to the Deities, creating a mesmerizing, mystical atmosphere that draws us inward.

Invoking the Divine feminine in the form of the Goddess bestows infinite blessings, opening our hearts to receive her ever-present love and grace and supporting personal and global transformation and healing.

Offered with sincere devotion puja purifies our subtle bodies and creates a protective, beneficial shield of spiritual force around us, establishing a luminous harmonic auric field.

We invite you to join us on this powerful day which celebrates the Divine Mother’s triumph over negative forces.

Please bring your representation of Mother Divine  to be placed on the altar for the ceremony, who may be symbolized  for you by a statue or picture, a crystal or even a pebble.

All faiths, genders and orientations are welcomed.

Suggested Donation $15 to $30


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