Join The Community  


at the Sedona Creative Life Center


11th December
from 7pm to 9pm 

Experience an Angelic Sound Healing Ceremony with Marga Parvati Samadhi that will connect you to higher realms of truth. 


The ceremony will bathe us in miraculous angelic light and healing sounds as we truly manifest our dreams.

Full sound journey with multi-instruments, including Gongs, Bells, flûtes, chimes, drums, harmonium, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and channeled light language medicinal Songs.


Full Moon in Gemini

Communication . Creativity . Spontaneity

Bathe in Angelic Light & Healing Sounds to Manifest Your Dreams. 


“We are Light made from Love.”

— Marga Samadhi

Gemini rules the upper part of the body, brain and nervous system.

Gemini is spontaneous, creative, playful, highly communicative, thoughtful.

The ceremony will bathe you in miraculous angelic light and healing sounds  

Herbal tinctures "Ambrosia Alchemy" by Illup Gravengaard will be served to rise our frequencies to the highest.


They call me Marga Parvati Samadhi, aka Mishåa. I have descended on Earth as a Light Giver, a Way Shower, a World Bridger.  I am a clear Vessel for Divinity to operate, listening to the flow of the Ultimate TRUTH.

Who am I?