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Crab Nebula
Sonya Mutidimensional Sound Healing Sedona

About Sonya Belisle

Sonya owner and operator of the Sedonya Conscious Living Center, has been facilitating holistic healing for the past 25 years in a variety of forms; as a raw vegan chef and culinary arts teacher, a Holistic Health & Life Coach, a Sound Healing Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Yoga, Tai-Chi and Qigong instructor.


About Adele

Adele, a healer, reader and guide with a multifaceted background, brings her wealth of experience to the Multidimensional  Sound Healing Journey.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and holder of a Psychology Degree, her approach is deeply holistic and intuitive. Since relocating to Sedona in 2001, Adele has immersed herself in the healing arts, practicing holistic massage and facilitating unique Spirit Horse Experience Sessions. 

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About Arielle Margalit

Arielle is a spiritually centered singer-songwriter, author, globally regarded meditation teacher, and a founder/teacher of spiritual life coaching and development courses. Arielle's meditations are transcendent experiences into the heart of your true self and your eternal connection to the One. May you be held in the light of Grace, in the arms of Love.

An Enchanting Evening at Sedonya

Date: January 21st

Time: 7 PM - 8 PM

Exchange: $33

A Multidimensional Sound Journey

Dive into a world where ancient sounds meet modern healing.

Let's join, activate and emobdy frequencies of the divine feminine to heal and empower ourselves, each other and the world.

Led by Sonya, Adele & Arielle Margalit, this session is an intentional channel for healing and embracing the divine feminine, through a multi-dimensional sensory symphony of frequencies.

Sonya brings the echoes of centuries with a majestic 150-year-old Myanmar gong and Tibetan singing bowls. These instruments, known for their deep, meditative tones, promise a grounding and transformative experience.

Adele harmonizes with the pure, ethereal tones of crystal bowls. Their clarity and resonance align with your energy centers, promoting balance and inner healing.

Arielle Margalit shares transcendent sounds that tap the heart of true self and the OUR connection to the ONE.

Special Feature: Our crystal bowls are charged with 'Energies of Service' Multidimensional Pendants. Prepare to access higher dimensions and unlock new realms of spiritual progression.

Embark on this extraordinary journey with us. Experience peace, spiritual rejuvenation, and a profound connection to the cosmos.

Multidimensional Sounds - A journey not just through sound, but through time and space.


Crab Nebula

Key Elements of the Journey:

  • Spiritual Connection: Bridging the celestial and earthly realms for a deep spiritual experience.

  • Sound Healing: Utilizing gongs, bells, chimes, and other instruments for vibrational therapy and alignment.

  • Deep Relaxation: Comfortable setting to activate healing and relaxation in the body and mind.

  • Personal Transformation: Facilitating self-discovery and renewal in preparation for the new year.



Sunday January 21st
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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