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Sedona Launch of the Ekam World Peace Festival

“Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.”        - John Lennon

Sedonya Conscious Living Center . Thursday, September 9th at Noon
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Sedona  Launch Event

This year we are aiming for


20 million participants


20 million people who want to contribute to bringing calmness to themselves, their community and the world. 


The  Sedona Peace Launch is Sedona's Invitation to you, your colleagues and loved ones to join us in a joyful celebration to create a peaceful state of consciousness.


You and your loved ones are invited to experience this peaceful state of consciousness.

September 9 th at 12 noon

Ekam World Peace Festival  2021
Sri Preethaji & SRi Krishnaji 1.jpeg

Krishnaji and Preethaji

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Dignitaries that participated last year - 10 million people live together and 50 million throughout the Festival.

What is Peace?

"Peace is a state of being.

It’s a courageous sense of calm that prevails through any turmoil or storm. This state has the strength to repair any broken strands and embodies endurance.

This peace is possible for all. We need the wisdom to practice right thinking and wholistic perception and a state of being to perform inclusive action."

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Ekam World Peace Festival is a phenomenon.


It is a massive movement in consciousness towards peace. It is a global meditative festival where over 20 million peacemakers come together online for 3 days to shift human consciousness from conflict towards peace. It begins on the 17th of September through the 19th of September.

Day 1 (17th September) – Peace for healing economic unrest.

Day 2 (18th September) - Peace for healing division.

Day 3 (19th September) – Peace for healing the planet.


You can become a Peace Partner, Peace Influencer, Peace Media Partner or Peace Sponsor.


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