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Sedona Breathwork with Morgan McGuire

Morgan McGuire is a breathwork facilitator and DJ that combines his love for breathwork and his love for music in unique experiences that evoke the release of stored trauma in the body, promoting healing in mind, body and soul.



What do you get when you combine breathwork and music? Morgan McGuire! This talented facilitator and DJ creates unique experiences that invite you to release your stored trauma in the body and explore spiritual healing.

Morgan has created a one-of-a-kind breathwork offering that'll make you feel out of this world — literally!  His Rock Your Breath event is deep breathwork to the music of Pink Floyd’s classic album, Dark Side of the Moon. We can only imagine what otherworldly healing vibes are coming your way in this offering!.   

Possible benefits from breathwork:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Boosts immunity 

  • Improves circulation

  • Stimulates creativity

  • Improves mood and self-esteem

  • Releases toxins 

  • Improves sleep 


Image by Mahdi Soheili

"The first time I have ever done breathwork for anything longer than 20 minutes was at the Pitch A Tent Music Festival to the entire album of Dark Side of the Moon. 50 minutes Morgan took us on one of the most euphoric, primal release,  birth-death-rebirth, cosmic rides.
You have made a huge impact on my journey  



"We all came as individuals and left as one. It was a soul kind of love making, an intimacy through breath in nature…Prana. Much gratitude for Morgan following his truth and helping me discover mine one breath at a time.

"I attended pitch tent in flagstaff Arizona in 2022 with the intention to Dance my heart out, enjoy the beautiful forrest and to get in touch with myself and nature. What I didn't expect was to wake up with the sun and walk into one of the most incredible experiences I've known to this day. Breathwork with Morgan!!


Rock Your Breath

Each Breathwork journey will be unique, and  experiences can range vastly from session-to-session.  Common benefits:


Unearth and move through hidden feelings with rock your breath

• Reconnect to your divinity and embody peace and joy

• Move through anger, shame, fear, guilt, and sadness

• Rock your breath to free yourself from unhelpful loops of habits and responses

Breathwork is a means of helping you gain an enhanced awareness of your body and mind, acting as an accessible way to access higher states of consciousness. The session will be followed by a sharing circle.

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Saturday February 4th

5pm to 7pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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