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Make a Difference: Join Our Fundraising Campaign for the Benefit of All!

Sonya Belisle has had a singular mission for her entire life – bringing peace and harmony to earth. Since the age of seven, she has dedicated her efforts towards this end. After many years of hard work and determination, 2020 saw the realization of one key step in this pursuit – the opening of Sedonya Conscious Living Center.

The non-profit, located in Sedona, Arizona offers individuals of all beliefs and backgrounds tools and modalities for overall wellness - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual with the mission to raise global consciousness..

A haven of tranquility, Sedonya is a place where guests can come to learn, heal, and find peace. With 1.9 acres of lush green gardens and waterfalls, the property provides a serene environment for people to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. It offers classes, workshops, and retreats ranging from yoga, sound healing, tribal body movements and cacao ceremonies to women's weekend wellness retreats and much more.

The Center has been blessed by masters of various backgrounds including Mohanji, Sri Preetaji, Shivananda, the Monks of Garden Shresta, and many other renowned healers.

Recently, Sonya was deeply moved when the family of a young girl with cancer reached out for help. The doctors had said that there was nothing more they could do, and Sonya felt that this was one of the primary reasons why Sedonya exists - to support those who are in need, no matter their financial abilities or medical outlook. She vowed to never turn her back on anyone who could benefit from the Center’s offerings and committed herself to finding solutions and ways to be conscious of all situations.

Although alternative forms of wellness and consciousness raising activities, such as yoga, energy work, and breathwork are easily accessed in other parts of the world, in the United States they are often unavailable or too expensive for many individuals. For this reason Sedonya recently launched it’s fundraising campaign, “For the Benefit of All”.

The program, while still in its infancy has the goal to ensure Sedonya’s offerings offerings are accessible and equitable to all.

Donations to the For the Benefit of All campaign accelerate Sedonya’s progress and make it possible to deliver offerings to many more people who are desperately in need of transformational offerings.

Donations to the campaign will:

  • Have life-changing impacts as we make our offerings more accessible.

  • Create more access to conscious and holistic offerings, no matter where a person is located, through improved technology.

  • Offer personal scholarships.

  • Continue to improve the quality of our offerings.

  • Support Sedonya’s mission of creating a safe space for the benefit of all.

If you’d like to make a donation, please visit For the Benefit of All or contact us at (832) 748-0777.

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