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21 hours of high vibe

love, healing, joy & light 

"All you need is love, love
Love is all you need"

~ The Beatles

Love2021 Is for Each of Us 

At a time of seeming darkness

Love2021 is about

honoring what we've each been through in 2020 & "shining a light" so that we enter 2021 with a new found sense of strength, optimism & courage ...

The Love Program

  • Healing Service

  • Message of Love from Mystics, Masters & Angels

  • Meditations & Journeys    

  • Ceremonies to Connect with Your Heart 

  • Love Frequency Healing Rooms

  • Connect with Psychics & Intuitives

  • Practical & Insightful Tools create a better world based on love

For  the Kids  

  • Face Painting  

  • Wishing Tree

  • Arts & Crafts

Festival Fun

Attend Love2021 Online or in Person

Honor & Heal 

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Open Your Heart

Breathe in Love

Pathway Radical Self Love

  Honor . Embrace &  Love ALL Included

Masters, Mystics, Entertainers  & Healers


Uqualla is a spiritual emissary, ceremonialist, universal wisdom keeper who is born of the Havasupai Tribe that live within the Grand Canyon. He is an international presenter and is being guided by Spirit to now offer this service here in Sedona, the gateway into the potent sacred lands of the Colorado Plateau region.

Evoke your inner spirits into consciousness. Uquallas' avant garde form of ceremonial theatre keeps the audiences spellbound in pure tribal ritual magic.

Valerie Sanjali Irons

Valerie Sanjali Irons is an artist, sound alchemist, breathwork practitioner and kirtan wallah practicing in Sedona, AZ since 2014. She founded Sanjali Healing Arts in 2018, bringing all her modalities together. She is immersed in the world of sacred sound and offers private sessions - “Soundwave Journeys” - using her Soundwave Bed™, as well as group sound alchemy journeys. 

Astarius Miraculii 

A dedicated spiritual teacher who has been serving and empowering the community for more than 40 years. He is a sound healer, astrologer, author, poet, reiki master teacher, ascension ambassador.  

Daniel Posney

Daniel Posney (of Sedona) is a “wayshower” and alchemist with shamanic medicine for those who are seeking clarity and empowerment within their lives. Daniel’s “medicine” is his intuitive guidance, life coaching, trans-personal psychology, and energy medicine to assist clients to break through mental limits and emotional barriers.


Larry Rosenberg

Larry’s life purpose at 75 years of age is to encourage and assist people to feel free to be themselves, and share more love, joy and creativity with the world.

Entertaining and singing have been a vivid part of Larry’s life. After being a much-applauded child singer, he experienced rejection and psychological woundings regarding his creative expression, which had wider and long-lasting repercussions on his emotional development.  


Brahmarishi Mohanji 

"Mohanji is an internationally renowned humanitarian and philanthropist.

Through his non-denominational teachings of unconditional love, faith, and purity, he guides people to raise their awareness towards the highest values such as compassion, kindness, and goodness."

Mohanji will be sharing a message for 2020 to bring the world together. 

Ilchibuko Todd

Sedona 120 School Principal
Tao Fellowship President
Tao Master & Spiritual Energy Healer 


Nearly two decades of experience as a mindfulness expert and life coach, Ilchibuko Todd truly believes that personal growth and development can be achieved by anyone at any age. Her expertise is in guiding people to discover their perfect health, joy, and greatness within them.  

Marga Samadhi

Marga Parvati Samadhi, aka Mishåa.  has descended on Earth as a Light Giver, a Way Shower, a World Bridger. 


In today's language you would say that she is a Light Worker, a Cosmic Shaman, or a Medicine Woman.

Stu Zimmerman

Stu has brought a unique blend of wit, science and higher consciousness through TV, radio and print media for almost 20 years. Founder of Only the Source, a transformational media production company, he currently hosts the RESET video podcast series.

Sonya Belisle

Spiritual  visionary, who has aspired since childhood to create a community of learning dedicated to knowledge and practices that connect us to our true selves.

Kelsey Erin Sky

Kelsey Erin Sky is an Empathic Healer, Visionary Artist, Moon Priestess & Transformational Leader. She will lead us in a conscious, heart-centered JourneyDance out of the mind and into the body to experience emotional freedom and joy.

21 Hours

20 Hours of Activities 


Release the past that no longer serves

Sink Deep

Raise your vibrational presence - individually and collectively


Enter the Portal in Communion and Community 

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