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Aurora Luna Star Sedona Spiritual Teacher Heart Gatherings
Image by Daniel Newman
Sedona Spiritual Healer Aurora Luna Star


Aurora Luna Star is a Sedona-based spiritual healer who has mastered soul alchemy and alignment with the divine energies. As an advanced thought leader, she assists people in stepping into their full potential by delivering sacred messages from cosmos elders across all realms using sound, color, geometry, and light language.  She believes her greatest achievement will be when everyone realizes they're unlimited beings capable of anything. And yet we're living through an extraordinary shift - where everyone carries within them memories from past lives lived before this one - which means these blueprints are coming alive now for all to take charge of them and make conscious changes accordingly.

As a Soul Alchemy Activator, Aurora helps people reconnect with the hidden aspects of themselves by accessing deep layers within oneself via heightened energy fields (auras). This work activates forgotten memories so you can let go or undo what doesn't serve you anymore or just isn't right anymore--and empower yourself fully!


The heart is where magic is born. Through love we transform all of our shadow pieces back into wholeness. In this dynamic monthly series, Aurora Luna Star will take you on a journey from shadow into light. 


Each month has a theme, energy and crystal related to the healing that will be offered. All pre-ordered tickets will receive a crystal to go home with.


In every session you will experience:

  •  Deep Restorative Meditations

  •  Sound Healing 

  •  Breath and Movement (will depend on the   theme for that month) 

  •  Crystals to take home and work with

  •  Themes to focus on 

  •  Channeled Messages 

  •  Love and Support 

Each class will also offer a sound healing meditation with Aurora’s crystal bowls. 



"She has an extremely powerful gift, and I would have to say this was one of the most poignant spiritual experiences of my life.

"Entering into a space with this magical woman is like entering into another world, and if I didn’t have a job or other responsibilities I would have stayed in that space for a long long time. 

" It is hard for me to find the words to articulate the amazing transformation I have experienced working with Aurora.

Upcoming Heart Magic Gatherings

As we begin in January, the theme is “Stillness” and how to create space for hearing your inner guidance in your heart. The energies of Tiger’s Eye will assist us with feelings of grounding and staying vital through the quiet of winter. 


February’s theme is “Self Love” and connecting deeply with our heart’s inner dreams. The energies of Rose quartz will assist us with feelings of gentle loving kindness and sweetness as we celebrate or love of ourselves. 


As we spring into March our theme becomes “Awakening” through the heart. Our dormant energies are ready to open and expand into movement. We will use breath and sound to balance our cellular structure. Citrine quartz will join us for this journey of dawning a new season of joy! 


April brings us the theme of “Reverence” to our hearts. We move into the grace of deep peace through gratitude. We will contemplate our blessings and offer our hearts to ourselves and the planet for the shifts that are unfolding. Howlite will walk with us through the feelings of calm and being thankful. 


May opens the heart bounty of the theme of “Joy”. We celebrate the energy of creation and growth. We will use movement and sound to feel the deep connection our bodies have to Gaia and all of her Kingdoms. We will experience the magic of Labradorite and how to dream with this powerful crystal. 


June opens our next portal to a new season of expansion as we focus on the theme of “Manifesting” through the heart. We will open our energy to invite creative thought forms and intuitive guidance to bless our evolving journey. Green Aventurine will be our crystal of opportunity as we focus our hearts on a new reality and new possibilities. 

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Sunday, January 8th
11:00 am to 1 pm


120 Deer Trail Drive 
Sedona, AZ 86336

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