Georgia Jean at Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Georgia Jean helps Spiritually Awakened people overcome their


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Sat. Nov. 20th & Sun. Nov. 21st







Saturday November 20th from 9am to 12 pm


One of THE MOST IMPORTANT things to focus on right now, as we go through this shift in consciousness, is to Anchor firmly in the Heart Center, ALL OF THE TIME.

This not only reduces the mayhem of "polarity based Mind manifestations", which are amplifying with the acceleration of energies, (HELLO all the pandemic storylines), it all gives us access to some very powerful manifestational forces {The Heart Blueprint, Master Consciousness, and Codes of Creation directly from Earth).

The beauty of creating from the Heart Blueprint, is that it is always generating the reality that is seated in unconditional love, infinite abundance, joy and the wellbeing of all. 


It operates beyond the limitations of the linear Mind, and can be miraculous in its unfolding.


This 3 hour offering will help deepen your understanding of the significance of this process, and ENERGIZE the Heart Center, so it becomes easier and easier to anchor there, in order to gain access to these power centers for new physical manifestation. 


Georgia has channeled the Circle of Light since 2004. Through working with real life clients, with real life issues, many chronic, the focus of this partnership has been to develop Tools that not only make you feel better, but bring about actual material change in the physical reality, as you are simultaneously supported through the Awakening process. 

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Price $30
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Price $200

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accessing the codes of creation



Sunday November 21st from 9am to 5pm

This is a full day advanced attunement, that accesses a "next level", "physical manifestation"  ability, through deep "re-anchoring" with the Earth energy in order to access the "Codes of Creation" {the intelligence that generates everything that is physical on earth}.

More than just "grounding", this could be considered a "re-birth", where you "opt-out", of the old egoic "Illusions of Creation", and "opt-in", to receiving direct mentorship from the Earth Consciousness, on how to create here.

A very powerful event for those who struggle with “being here”, physical manifestation and “Ascension Symptoms”.

Or who identify with being “Galactic Hybrids”.

Because we will activate some MAJOR energetic frameworks, an understanding of how to integrate egoic energy AND anchor in the Heart is important for ease full integration of this attunement. 

Therefore I have these  QUALIFYING PRE-REQUISITES  (any of these)


  • Live attendance of Saturday November 20th Heart Blueprint Activation or any previous live Heart Blueprint Activation event.



    Listened to the pre-recorded Heart Blueprint Activation (click RESERVE YOUR SPOT below to access, or for more qualifying pre-requisites)

    Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring pillows and mats to lay on. 

    There will be several attunement sessions, with breaks. And a one hour lunch break.