Marga Parvati Samadhi 


featuring multi-instruments including  gongs, crystal and tibetan bowls, flutes, drones, drum, bells, chimes and channeled Light Language ethereal songs.

Saturday 11th 

7 PM to 9 PM

 Sedona Creative Life Center

“Lunar Eclipses bring portals of accelerated energy that help to shift and move things from our lives.”

Be assured this full moon in the sign in Cancer will move things in your life that needed to move in order to walk on our path.


Cancer as a water sign, is connected to the Heart and its emotions. Cancer will help us to deepen our relationship with our emotions, using them wisely as teachers in our growth.


The sign of Cancer will also bring focus on our home and family. It will emphasize our understanding of “feeling at home” in ourselves within others. Cancer as being highly communicative with its emotions and intentions, it will strengthen our focus on what truly matters for ourselves, and also for the greater collective. It is asking us to trust in our inner guidance and intuition. This moon will settle long time projects into fruitful harves


Held in the Great Room of Sedona Creative Life Center

Bring blankets, pillows and anything you need to make yourself comfortable.


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Mishåa aka Marga Parvati Samadhi, is a World traveler, a Sound Magician.

Amongst her powerful healing gifts, she uses music to elevate the collective vibration of our Consciousness.


A mixture of styles, varying from Folk, Ambiant, to Kirtan. She embodies multidimensional musical cultures.

For the Benefit

of All