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International Day of Peace
----- September 21 ----- 
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Embodying the Essence of Passion, Joy, and the Heart of Listening with Ron Damico

With the current state of world affairs, we are in need of a reminder of who we are at the core of our being and how to embody this as the very nature of life.

This Sacred Sunday will be an opportunity to experience a sharing of the nature of Passion, Joy, listening through your Heart and how to bring this into a world longing for a better life.

During the sharing of these higher levels truths, Ron will energetically guide you into a purification and healing process of releasing what interferes with your ability to live these dynamic energies as a way of life, awakening you to living your true nature as your foundation.

Followed by some delicious plant based food


Sunday,  August 22nd 

10:00 am - 12:45PM


Tickets $35 per person with lunch & $21 without.
Please reserve in. advance.

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Cant make it in person?

Join us via Livestream  

Price: $10

Image by Claud Richmond

Sunday with the Tibetan Monks​  

A truly unique opportunity.  This Sunday join us at Sedonya for an unforgettable experience. Where you'll 

  • Learn the art of Tibetan chanting with a chant master

  • Participate in a Tibetan prayer ceremony &

  • A Chanting: Tea Ceremony offering

  • Followed by some delicious plant based food


Sunday,  August 15th

10:00 am - 12:45PM


Tickets $35 per person. Please reserve in. advance.

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About Sacred Sundays

A unique weekly experience designed for relaxation, contemplation and enjoyment. 

Harmonious with all paths, each Sunday seasoned Guides and Teachers will hold the space as they guide you through a variety of harmoniously blended modalities including,


  • Indigenous Blessing Ceremonies,

  • Guided Meditations,

  • Sound Healings,

  • Breathwork,

  • Yoga and

  • Chanting

    Always followed by a delicious organic catered meal.

    Every Sunday hosts a different offering, depending on the season. 


"Together we gather our hearts, quiet our minds, nourish our spirits and
witness each sacred moment as it unfolds into the holiest of prayers" ~ Sonya Belisle

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