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Ron Damico at Sedonya Conscious Living Center
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"Ron has an ability to help you tap into the limitless power and potential of Source energy, so you can address the obstacles impeding your life, free yourself from past trauma, refocus your energies, and step into your fullest potential."

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Holly Schakelaar founder of Goddess Yoga International

Ron has been supporting people in the field of holistic health for more than twenty years and has provided spiritual and life guidance to thousands of people around the world. Ron’s passion is to facilitate awakening for those who wish to evolve, expand, and energize their health and change their lives at a core level.

A born intuitive, Ron is renowned for his ability to bring profound healing to others, simply through the power of his voice, intention, and presence. Ron’s innate energetic abilities are embedded with divine healing codes and he is able to transmit these inherent healing energies to others—both individually and through group practice.

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Join Ron for

Igniting your eternal flame
at Sedonya Conscious Living Center

Nov. 5th-7th

 If you are ready to use this unprecedented time in history to catapult you into the next wave of higher consciousness, then please join Ron for the Igniting your Eternal Flame weekend retreat. Since the first of this year, Ron’s abilities to work with the human blueprint and all its potential have been on a rapid upward trajectory.

As a result, Ron’s work continues to make quantum leaps into a deeper understanding and working knowledge of what creates human life, and how to work with the subtle nuances of what it takes to live a healthy, balanced, and whole life.


Experience the most complete, advanced, and intense application of Ron's work to date.

Experience hands-on frequency work with Ron
Open the “Book of your Eternal Essence”
Activate your Holographic Blueprint
Transition to 12-strand Crystalline DNA
Embrace your existence with Grace and Ease.


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"It’s a spirit map to guide you into the depths of your whole self, in support of your capacity to heal through love, compassion, and acceptance of yourself, your experiences, and the lives you have lived. Tapping into this book will bring into action what will set you free to see yourself, life, and the world around you in a new light of untold possibilities and potential to live your eternal essence as the moment of now."

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