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Sedona Weekend Workshop
Oct. 21st - Oct. 23rd

“I know it exists.  The peace in my heart i don't always feel tho...but i will stand sovereign in my whole being...and in the possibility...that maybe, just maybe, i haven't seen my light because i'm still discovering it...and any blindness is my own stuff yet to uncover, and in my hands, no other."


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Greta Hough 

A master English teacher and instructional coach, Greta has been in the field of education for over 20+ years. She has focused on the social and emotional well-being of her students, colleagues, and families, centering much of her work around Restorative Practices, “repairing the harm” and restoring relationships in and outside the classroom.  Greta is the creator of a wellness curriculum called The Alchemy Wheel, where she works with both teens and adults, helping facilitate deep growth and change. After studying with The Four Winds Society, Alberto Villoldo’s school for Energy medicine, she was certified as a practitioner, working with clients on many levels.  Originally from Philadelphia, Greta has worked with schools and clients from both the East coast and Southwest, where she offers innovative workshops, retreats and trainings.  She now resides in Becket, Massachusetts with her partner, Three Trees, and their dog, Marley Bear. 

More about Greta at

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Three Trees

Three Trees has studied music and the mystic arts for more than 35yrs. In this time he gravitated toward the healing powers of the drum, and other indigenous instruments. His music/sound-based offerings as a healer, a teacher and performer, have reached 10's of thousands of people from all walks of life and around the globe.


A​ sought after facilitator in many areas, such as private and group sound healing sessions, workshops, training, retreats, conferences, and events, ​Three Trees is known for his passion, presence, open heart and a deep understanding of sound as a healing modality and a pathway to deeper spiritual connection. 

More about Three Trees at

“I’ve learned how to express my feelings positively

and let someone know when I need support.”

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About the program:

"Building connection, inner resilience, & emotional wellness"

This experience will provide your teen with a huge opportunity to grow and expand their relationship with themselves as well as those around them.  

Brought to you by incredible facilitators, steeped in the world of both education and energy medicine,   this is a truly unique experience for your teen to do some
deep personal reflection,  while at the same time have fun & make new friendships. 

During the weekend, your teen will learn
tools designed to release and move energy associated with anxiety, fear, anger and upset, creating emotional balance and wellness.

It's an
experiential curriculum where they'll be  introduced to the potency of personal reflection & healing integration,  through drumming, ceremony and song -- activities that give the group a sense of community and a balance of the mind and heart.    

After completing this course,  your child will  be left feeling connected to themselves, empowered around their relationships and present to their impact, purpose, and
inner resilience.

Teen Program Sedona
Alchemy Wheel Course for Teens

  Tuition $333   
limited scholarships available

"I've grown to accept myself more...

and be confident in who I am."

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 The Alchemy Wheel is a course for teens and adults designed to invoke "consciousness," 
awaken the heart and build inner resilience.

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